From basement production to medium-sized enterprise

In the early 90s, SCHUBS started in the basement of a tenement building, in the classic style. SCHUBS quickly developed from a small workshop to the current company premises, which was supplemented a few years later by a second location. In the meantime, the number of employees has risen from the former two-man operation to around 80.

Nevertheless, the process-oriented production process must be supported from outside. This is done by means of equal facilities in the Hameln area. They offer their employees the chance of training and a paid job, which are important indicators for a socially integrated life.

The core competence of the company has remained the same to this day. The range of switchgear extends from the individual product with a switch cabinet in batch size 1 to series production in larger quantities. The main focus is on control and power units, project business and series production.

The industry portfolio for which planning and design are carried out is broadly diversified. Customers come from the fields of electrical engineering, compressed air, food, road construction machinery, photovoltaics, wind power and general mechanical and plant engineering.