From the initial planning to the end-product

Many innovations in the field of science are inspired by the genius of mother nature. A turtle, as a great example, protects its fragile, vulnerable and soft body with a hard shell. We made use of this principle by installing and assembling highly complex controlling systems in protective control cabinets, according to our customers’ requirements.

The spectrum of projects is diverse and ranges from single parts to serial production. The entire design process of a serial production undergoes following stages: Development, a pilot series and the actual series production. The manufacturing of our products is significantly different in each individual step, depending on the type of product and it is supported at highest technical standards using the modern software of EPLAN P8 and ProPanel. This is complemented by our machining center, a Steinhauer ModCenter and a cable manufacturing machine, the Komax Zeta 633.

Order and
material procurement

After an order has been issued, the first step is purchasing material and to organize the tasks for pre-assembly. The majority of which will be performed externally by two welfare institutions in Hamelin and Holzminden. These organizations provide education, social security and accommodation to people with disabilities – a chance for a socially integrated life.

Fully automated cable
manufacturing through Komax

Also, with an eye on reducing production time and costs, we installed a Komax Zeta 633 System for inhouse cable manufacturing. The many capabilities of the machine include labeling, cutting and stripping of the cable, pressing sleeves and much more. All this happens according to the requirements and simultaneously on both ends of the cable.

Sheet metal forming with Steinhauer

Now it’s time for the preparation of the mounting plates. A triaxial mill and drilling center designed by Steinhauer notches precise slots and recesses into the steel plates, doors or walls of a cabinet automatically via EPLAN. The next step is to commission the components for this order.

DAKoTA, our assistance

With the assistance of DAKoTA, a software to equip mounting plates with cable channels, profile rails, mounting rails and other components, production is nearly paperless. One of the welfare institutions is also using this system.

More efficiency with Moonshiner

Additional parts will be added with Moonshiner as a next step. This is another virtual support tool, which maps the layout Diagram onto the mounting plate in different colors. Positions and codes of parts are reflected accurately and this system speeds up the process tremendously as the time-consuming comparison with the initial plans on paper become unnecessary.

Final installation and wiring

Once everything has found its proper position, the connecting of wires onto the mounting plate starts. This happens before the workpiece is placed in a fully pre-assembled control cabinet, followed by connecting parts onto the cabinet doors and to the inlay of the cabinet. Also, the remaining components find their place, including fastening screws with a predefined torque setting.

Final testing

As a last step, incessantly, the control cabinet undergoes meticulous final testing. Every single verifiable connection will be thoroughly checked before the final test at design voltage is performed. Essential tools for this work are the circuit diagram, the terminal scheme, a checklist and a defect collection card. Measured values must match 100% and pictures of the cabinet are documented.